// The Awkwardness of Secret Keeping

Secrets are something I’m usually good at keeping. Trust is extremely important to me, and to have it damaged, or lost, is a horrible thought. Keeping secrets from close friends can be excruciatingly hard to do. Of course, some things are better left unsaid. Especially if the looming information will hurt or compromise that person in any way. Well, I have a secret and it needs to be kept from two of my closest friends. They’ve gone way beyond what could be asked of a friend on countless occasions. They’re my brothers. Not in blood, but bonded forever. I’d die for them. This particular secret happens to be something good. In a way I’ve let the cat out of the bag, but I’ll wrestle that little fucker back in. A week seems like years.


One comment

  1. Secrets are trust are related but not always the same. I am convinced sometimes people tell you secrets so will tell others. Trust is usually unspoken until it is broken. That leads to confusion when one party didn’t know that level of trust was there. Getting old is messy and it sucks sometimes.

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