1. It’s because your Awesome Brother, wait till it hits more cause it will … keep it up my friend.

  2. Ha! I am certain you have no earthly idea how far your story reaches. We’ve never met to my knowledge, though it’s possible we have, according to FB we have 16 mutual friends. I have seen El Toro play (I even have an old tape Opie let me copy back in 1994’ish and since gotten a digital copy from him maybe a year back or so). I’ve been following your journey, post trauma, since the very beginning when Danielle shared your story with me. My point being, you have so many more people out there who are friends of friends besides me you don’t even know personally that care and send good vibe your way because they are so touched in so many ways by your story. Glad to see you are doing well. I love your blog, I think you should write a book about your story. Maybe this blog is the start of that.

    Wishing you the best,

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