// End Of An Era: Divorce, Part I

Some great things eventually do come to an end, whether you like it or not. It happens every day the world spins. People die. Innocence is lost. Marriages end. The latter won in my case. I was married to one of the most beautiful girls on earth for nearly 16 years. Her name was Lyra and I adored her.

I first saw her in a photograph. She looked so open and friendly; her smile was broad across her face and she had lips to die for. I was enamored. From that night on I gathered info on her: she was 16 (yeah, yeah… I was 20, so shut up), attended high school, had the same art teacher I had (a fact that would prove beneficial), etc. We met briefly at a mutual friend’s house a few days later. My interest had grown. I attended college 6 hours away, so I left my hometown bound for Savannah. Once back, I knew I had to see her again, so I went to work on a love letter of sorts. I sent it care of that art teacher I mentioned. It worked.

We had a long distance relationship for about 18 months. Wrote hundreds of letters. Paid the phone company way to much money. Finally, I asked her to marry me via scavenger hunt (I was holding her ring at the end). We were happy and married in the summer.

For the next 14 years we made a life together. We grew up together. We were best friends. She meant the world to me and vice versa. We planned to start a family in early 2009. Unfortunately, it would never be. The shooting caught us off-guard, to say the least. Our lives changed in seconds. The dynamic changed. We shattered and were left to pick up millions of pieces. Lyra was there for me from day one. Her devotion to me was stagering. Her face lit my darkness each day. In fact, she was the reason I survived. I was angry at the start. I thought my life was over. Fucked. She helped me to rid myself of the anger. She helped me immensely. This, though, would prove to be the beginning of the end.

To be continued in Part II.



  1. Jason, we don’t know each other, but have a mutual friend — Kristen Gerner. She shared your blog on Facebook. It’s beautiful and open and, well, just wonderful. Keep writing. It will help. Believe me, I really do know.

  2. This is really touching. You write beautifully. Your description of Lyra really encapsulates the love you felt/feel for her. I will be following. Already I am hooked and inspired ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jason, Tonye here.
    You and Lyra were just a wonderful couple in my eyes, and to me you guys stood apart from so much of the SCAD/ Savannah crowd in a way that was hopeful and refreshing; ‘that’s a perfect match’ was what I always thought whenever I saw you two.

    That’s why I really hate to hear that it’s over.

    We weren’t close, but you were always a very decent person to me at a time when I was experiencing a great deal of hostility, in a new city, a new country and a lonely place. I’ve told you some of this before… so know that many of us are with you every step of the way, because if I recall correctly, you were supportive and encouraging, in a small way, but in a way that counted..

    • Tonye, you were always good; one step ahead of most of our arty classmates. I could do nothing but appreciate that. I am glad you are reading. It means a lot.

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