// Observation & Intuition

I observe. I observe and remember things. Maybe it is the Virgo in me, or maybe I am just freak, but I try to remember aspects of certain situations, people, animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. This, to me, is a great tool for retention. I use it to remember important names, faces, information, you name it. I also do it for my own enjoyment.

Most people like to be remembered. It makes us feel special, or, at the very least, “memorable.” It’s flattering to be remembered by someone you’ve only met once or twice. It shows interest on the recognizee’s part, not to mention it being just plain mannerly.

The tiniest tidbit of pertinent information can go a very long way in helping make a great impression on people. And people inform us of things all the time. It is relatively easy to listen to what someone is saying, especially if it is a two-way conversation. Therefore, it is relatively easy to remember bits and pieces about that person which can be brought up at a later time, or at a later meeting. Say, a date or something.

This works with girls, guys (and vice versa). Women (and men, I suppose) like to feel that they have been listened to. And not just listened to, but understood (uh huh). Understanding is very important. It is the mark of a well-rounded individual. A good trait. It comes quite easy for me to pick up on certain personality traits. All I need is a bit of info and/or background and I can make someone feel like a million bucks (or a sack of shit, depending). Listening is easy. You don’t have to do anything but sit there. And it pays off (most of the time).

Observation itself is also easy. You just have to look at things (no, not like that). It doesn’t need to be obvious. Don’t just ogle at people (no one likes a creep). There is an art to observing without being observed. That’s the rub, but it’s possible.

Maybe I’m just suave. Yes, I think that’s it. Suave.



  1. Paul Simon has a song about things I keep in the back of my mind something like I know what I know I said what I said we come and we go and these are the things I keep in the back of my head

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