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In my last post I talked about having a dream of writing for Decibel magazine, a great publication covering most everything heavy in the music realm. I got a gig with the help of some friends. My story went live on the Deciblog yesterday at 3 p.m. I wanted to link to the story here. Please check it out:

Strength Beyond Strength

So many thanks to Decibel, and especially to Justin Norton, who helped get this thing going.

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I hope this article helps people out.



  1. Absolutely AWESOME!!! You are such a talented writer. We enjoyed reading the article. Love, Al & Toni

  2. Thank you, my friend. It was a pleasure working with you on this and the response has been amazing and deserved.

    For the record the tacos in California are way better than anything that could be produced down South.

    • Justin,

      Thank you. The Decibel thing has changed my daily life. I really appreciate all that you’ve done. Keep in touch.

      P.S. I lived in Carlsbad for two months and did enjoy every taco I came in contact with.


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