// The Jig Is Up, Kind Of

Loyal readers, you will be happy to know that I succeeded in keeping a secret. My two best friends, my brothers from different mothers, now have the gifts in their hands. Mighty cool gifts, I might add. Knives. Not your typical knives, though. These are unique, folding Higo knives from Japan.

The originals are still around, and can be found through a few large outlets on the Internet. These are inscribed with Japanese characters and have loads of appeal aesthetically. An American company, Best Made, struck a deal to release a limited number of the knives on this side of the world. The new version has a hand-hammered, raw steel “samurai” blade, the Best Made logo engraved on one side of the handle; the other side emblazoned simply, “courage.” This is what led me to buy them for my “brothers.” They are both courageous to me. I love them dearly. Fortunately, they loved the knives and promised to keep them forever. I bought one for myself as well (to cool not to). Beautiful.

There’s still one more secret, but it involves a female friend. She really inspired me to write, and this blog wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t. I also have a bit of a crush on her. Like gigantic. But that’s a story for another day.


// The Awkwardness of Secret Keeping

Secrets are something I’m usually good at keeping. Trust is extremely important to me, and to have it damaged, or lost, is a horrible thought. Keeping secrets from close friends can be excruciatingly hard to do. Of course, some things are better left unsaid. Especially if the looming information will hurt or compromise that person in any way. Well, I have a secret and it needs to be kept from two of my closest friends. They’ve gone way beyond what could be asked of a friend on countless occasions. They’re my brothers. Not in blood, but bonded forever. I’d die for them. This particular secret happens to be something good. In a way I’ve let the cat out of the bag, but I’ll wrestle that little fucker back in. A week seems like years.