// Recent Madness

The following is something I wrote in response to our current state of crazy. I encourage anyone who might have mental issues to seek help. Read on.

“(Person), thanks for thinking of me as eloquent in any way. I appreciate that.

I do not mean to put you, or Morgan Freeman, down. I was fed up with much more than people sharing Mr. Freeman’s quote. I didn’t mean to offend. He said something that should be on our minds all the time. It’s not news to me. That’s the reason these kinds of things happen. It’s us. All of us. We’ve all grown more and more apathetic and desensitized to pretty much everything that once caused us—at least some of us—to cringe. I didn’t want to talk about CT for the simple fact that it has been talked about. It’s done. Kids are dead. Teachers are dead. It is horrible. We should talk about ways to fix broken people and a broken system. I was shot and paralyzed by a gun. A gun held by a disturbed and misguided kid. The gun didn’t shoot me. The young man did. Crazy is crazy, and it begins at birth. It can be inherited. Or it can be beaten, or raped, or mentally driven into a person. There’s usually a sign and it can be dealt with. Some people just need help.

Anyway, this is more than I was going to write. It is a general thing, too. Please don’t think it is aimed at you, (Person). Thanks for your response. Appreciate it.”