// Unpublished Interview Q&A

The following is an excerpt from an interview I did for publication in South magazine (the offices are based locally and the magazine is nationally distributed). I was asked to list three things that might be misconceptions regarding quadriplegia. These were my answers:

Number one: I am not deaf, I am paralyzed. There’s a difference. Do not yell at me and/or look at me funny when you talk to me. Again, I am not deaf.

Number two: most people think quadriplegics cannot move any of their limbs. This is not true. There are many levels of paralyzation. Every injury is different, and every person is unique in their situation.

Number three: sex. It can happen. It does happen. We like for it to happen.


// Sex And Paralysis

Sex is something most everyone enjoys, and I’m no exception. In fact, after thinking about it, I fear I might be a bit of a sex addict. There are worse things to be; at least I don’t collect human body parts or smoke crack. But is it healthy? Thinking about sex 24/7? I don’t know the answer. I’ve always been like this, but it seems these feelings intensified after being shot.

Certainly there are questions regarding my injury in conjunction with sex. I would want to know. It’s something very personal, but I am an open book, so I feel most comfortable writing about it.

The first question is usually, “does it work?” It being my penis. It sure does (with the help of a pill). It’s not the same as it used to be, but impressive enough. Once ready it’s good to go for quite a while. This is a good thing (for both parties).

The second question is, “can you feel it?” The answer is no. Well, a bit. It’s definitely not the way it once was. My brain tends to fill in the gaps. And a visual usually helps. As long as my partner is happy, I’m happy. I can still use other things just fine and can feel that. Thank goodness.

Thirdly, “can you ejaculate?” Nope. No muss, no fuss. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, my partner can go to town (with repeat trips, if needed). On the other hand, I never get a release. Ugh. This ensures I’m horny. All. The. Time.

This is where the sex addiction comes in. More on that in another installment. Until then, I’ll be looking at naked girls on Tumblr and not masturbating.