// The Secret: A Documentary Film

The Secret is a documentary film from 2006. The idea behind “the secret” is what supposedly brought success to such greats as Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Andrew Carnegie. It is intended to help empower viewers to achieve success in careers, relationships and healthy living. It is also something I feel is a very important and powerful message. The film starts out a little rough. Kind of cheesy. It does get better, and when it does, it teaches something about us as individuals and how we can control our own destiny, if we choose to do so. Very intriguing and highly entertaining. Recommended to anyone who feels they may need a bit of a boost in their lives.

The universe can be a nice place. I’ve used the power of positivity on many occasions with great results. I knew “the secret” before I knew the secret. I just didn’t realize it.

The film can be found on Netflix Instant at the moment. Give it a watch. You will get something out of it. At least I think so.


// The Chance Of Ultimate Possibility

Love. It’s something everyone wants. It is elusive, intangible, ethereal and, to be sure, magical. Especially with the right person. I’m lucky to be loved by many, but I am looking for that special lady. The one. Someone I can trust and spoil with attention. I had it once, for almost seventeen years. It was amazing. It ended, but the love and respect remains. This is a fact I cherish. And it’s forever. This I know. It’s comforting and humbling.

The fact is there is someone out there for me. I’m content in knowing that. Until then, I’ll just continue to flirt with girls. I’m pretty confident these days, so something should happen. The chance of ultimate possibility. I like that. A lot.